Volume 214

Updated 10/1/2019

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Monthly News - Volume 214


Abby is center stage as Picture of the Month.  Still 15 but is playing with the 18 and Under girls and, although I may be biased, I think she's the best!!!  You may notice on the photo that her fingernails are a pretty white.  It turns out that later that same day she'd be going to the Waterford High School homecoming dance with a special friend and she wasn't sure the the 2 1/2 hours between the finish of the soccer game and the start of the event was enough time to get ready.  Enough said.


You'll notice that in the Current Month Pictures, there's a theme.  Lots of PJ and lots of kids sports.  In a couple items of note, Noah keeps setting personal best records in his cross country meets.  It's good to see his hard work showing such tangible results.  I did manage to get a few pictures of Jimmy in game situations.  Already an All-State player last year, his senior year should be his year to shine and capture even more attention.  Unfortunately injuries (ankle), has severely limited his time on the field.  Still time left in the season but many months on the sidelines is not a good recipe for a hot end of the season.  Wishing him the best.


I mentioned PJ before.  Yes, he's the center of attention and in lots of photos.  Just shy of 9 months he's crawling around everywhere, pulling himself up on anything he can get his hands on and is generally quite active.  Plus being super cute and adorable, you can see why he's a joy.  He (with Zach and Jennie) even hosted us to brunch and a Brewer Game.  Go Brewers!!


The garden has been pretty good this year but suffering the effects of too much water. 7" of rain in September and flash flood warnings as we head into October.  Many of the plants are suffering from a blight brought on by moisture.  Of course there are some forecasts for frost in the near future so, one way or another, the end of season is near.


Enjoy the pictures!