Volume 224

Updated 8/1/2020

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Monthly News - Volume 224


Picture of the Month shows off Noah after a real graduation.  Seating was restricted so I had to watch from outside the fence but it was good to see it anyway.  Salutatorian of the Waukesha Engineering Academy is a real honor, one of many awards he's received.  Now onto UW where I hope it will be a great college experience - certainly will be different.  Who knows what it will be like but he's moving into his dorm at 7am, 8/31.


A few months ago, I mentioned that I met Nancy's cousin, Larry Ripp, for the first time.  I knew he was a local (St Paul MN) stage actor but little did I know that he's the well known entertainer, The Baron of Bubble. He entertains kids and adults with giant size bubbles. So well known around St Paull that a Star Tribune feature article about him was written about a month ago and can be found here.  Plus,  there was a short video of him in action which you can find on the Movies page.  Check it out -- you'll love it!!


Also added is a new Family Stories page.  As a tease, all I'll say is it's about when the Greendale police called Nancy.


Many of you are aware that I have collected a lot of genealogical data for Nancy and my families.  Ethnicity is pretty simple since my father was all Polish and my mother all German. But I decided to add to the data by getting a DNA test to maybe help  identify distant cousins in Poland and Germany.  Well the results are back and it's a little more complicated than expected.  Yes, East European does account for almost 74% of my ethnicity.  But unexpectedly, almost 25% is Scandinavian.  It's only an estimate and I need to study it a bit.  I haven't identified any Scandinavian cousins and my initial reaction is that possibly some of my German ancestors immigrated to Germany from Scandinavia hundreds of years ago.


Enjoy the pictures!