Volume 207

Updated 3/1/2019

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Monthly News - Volume 207



Picture of the Month shows Stephanie trying out my CPM (Continuous Passive Motion) machine. I sure hope she never gets one of her own. Since my mid-January rotator cuff surgery (2 partial tears and one old/massive tear) the chair has been part of my daily routine. 3 to 4 times a day, I get to take my sling off (the only time during the day/night except for showers, and a few exercises), strap my arm to the chair, and for an hour at at time, let the chair very slowly raise my arm to a set angle and then back down. Each session lasts an hour followed by 30 minutes of icing and then the sling goes back on. After 6 weeks that routine gets pretty old, but the good news is that at the very end of February, the sling and chair have been returned. I have a few exercises to do at home and PT twice a week for the foreseeable future. Until the healing is finished and I can gain back some arm strength, but the process is very slow.

With my right arm in a sling, I wasn’t sure I’d have a website to publish this month. I couldn’t raise the camera’s viewfinder to my eye, but I did figure out a way use the camera’s screen held at my waist to take a few shots. So I have fewer pictures this month but the show goes on. The other reason there are fewer pictures is there have been fewer photo opportunities. Tied to my daily chair routine I didn’t get out much. I did start to drive (one handed) which helped me escape but only drove when weather conditions were clear. Which was the other problem. Whereas winter was mild from Dec 1st to mid January (less than 2 inches of snow), it turned when I had my surgery. Since then we’ve had well over 3 feet of snow (great big thanks to all those who helped with snow clearing – Jeff, Jim K, Christian, Zach, Jon and Melissa) and some of the coldest temps we’ve seen in decades. The extended forecast is barely better (below zero in March?). That severely cut back on my ability to get out. So fewer pictures – hopefully things return to normal soon. I did add 1 short video of PJ at about 7 weeks, found on the Movies page.

Congratulations go out to my sister Pat and hubby Mike on their 50th wedding anniversary. May your memories keep you close. See you in November!


Enjoy the pictures!