Volume 218

Updated 2/1/2020

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Monthly News - Volume 218


Peter Joseph is now 1 year old and Picture of the Month.  When presented with money, the rosary, and a shot glass, all 3 got some attention, but in the end, the pewter shot glass won out.  It might be because he noticed how loud it could be when banged on the high chair.  He sure does like to make music.   His party was coupled with our family Christmas party, so by the end of the night he was really worn out.  But he did have a ton of presents to take home.


One new movie has been added to the Movies page.  Emily was in a ballet recital where her performance was graded.  Lots of pressure for a 12 year old.  She did great as you can see in the short video.


Pictures include some sports photos of course, and this time includes a current one of Rebecca who plays on and indoor woman's team.  I haven't seen her play since her college days, I think.  I must say she really did well and the team even won!!


Enjoy the pictures!