Volume 228

Updated 12/1/2020

tmroz @ outlook.com

Monthly News - Volume 228


Stephanie and Emily, behind the bar, were our Thanksgiving Day bartenders.  Great job ladies.  It wasn't Thanksgiving as we've grown to know it over our 52 years of married life, but we're trying.


As expected there are fewer current month pictures.  Grandkids sports, concerts, etc. would usually make up many of the pictures but with weather getting colder there are fewer opportunities.  I did get to see one of Abby's basketball games but that is likely to be a rare opportunity.  I might not get to see any of Charlie's basketball games.  His soccer team's national league games in Tampa after Christmas have been postponed.  Life is not normal and I don't see it getting back there any time soon.


Holiday season but depressing.   Stay safe and healthy.  I'm ready to get back to life.


Enjoy the pictures!