Volume 209

Updated 4/30/2019

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Monthly News - Volume 209



It's been about a year since Noah has appeared in the Picture of the Month, and the picture was again at a track meet.  Running in 800m and 1600m events he's set a number of personal records, so he's having a good year.  Nearing the end of his junior year, things are going well.  He scored well on the ACT test so beginning to think about potential colleges, inducted into the National Honor Society, plus confirmation is around the corner.  Well done Noah!


Included in this month's pictures is one of the several snowfalls we had in April, the last on the 27th.  It happens on occasion in a Wisconsin springtime but 3 times, each over 3", is a little unusual.  I had been harvesting asparagus, the 1st of the spring crops, but this last snowfall ruined the stalks over a few inches high by bending them in half.  In the 20+ years of harvesting this asparagus patch, I've never seen anything like it.  There are a bunch of parties coming up so we're due for some good weather.  At least the weather for Easter was perfect.


The photos for the current month pictures have been taken with my new camera (Panasonic G85, a micro 4/3 interchangeable lens camera).  You may not be able to tell the difference from past months, especially since I scale down resolution of the pictures to speed downloads, but I can.  (Full resolution photos from the last 6 months can be found on the Archives tab). Lots of neat features.  But mainly I'm just fortunate to have such good photo subjects.


Enjoy the pictures!