Volume 211

Updated 7/1/2019

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Monthly News - Volume 211


A number of our grandchildren are special athletes (besides special students, artists, musicians, and all around good kids).  This month, for Picture of the Month, I'm featured 2 of them, Charlie and Jimmy.  The both played on high level select soccer teams this past season (Charlie, 13 and Under and Jimmy, 17 and Under) but I rarely got to see them play.  The high level of play means that they are often playing somewhere in the Midwest, or in some cases, at national sites.  The pictures making up the collage came from the Wisconsin State Cup championship playoffs.  Charlie's team lost a close game in the final while Jimmy's team was state cup champion.  Both teams went on to Midwest regionals where 16 teams at each age level from the Midwest were invited.  Both teams did well, winning 2 of 3 games but just missed out on a trip to the national finals. Maybe next year.  They're winners in my book.


You'll find that PJ is in a disproportionate number of photos this month.  He's such a cutie and at an age of discovery that makes for good pictures.  We love him and so many in the family want to hold him.  Pretty soon he'll be mobile and on his own.  My sister Pat and Mike came back to Wisconsin so you'll find some pictures of them too.  Moving to Maryland in late 2016, they visited friends and family plus did some Wisconsin shopping (beer, cheese, and herring).  Enjoyed the visit.


In  other big news, Noah was confirmed and Taylor Zoephel graduated from Marquette. Congratulations to both.


Summer has finally come and a very cool and especially wet start.  Finally the garden is beginning to take off.  Hurray.


Enjoy the pictures!